• REED ST-MULTIKIT Multimeter Combo Kit


    This combo kit includes a Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Voltage Detector, Line Splitter, Wire Probe, and Carrying Case.

    This REED ST-MULTIKIT Multimeter Combo Kit Includes

    REED R5008 Compact Digital Multimeter with Temperature

    Compact autoranging digital multimeter with 11 functions.

    REED R5040 1000A AC/DC Clamp Meter with Temperature and Non-Contact Voltage Detector, True RMS

    Durable AC/DC clamp meter with analog bargraph, min/max function, built-in non-contact voltage detector and contact thermometer.

    REED R5110 Non-Contact Voltage Detector with Flashlight

    AC Voltage Dectector with built-in flashlight and pocket clip.

    REED R5400 Line Splitter

    The AC Line Splitter enables a clamp meter user to measure AC current on a 2-wire or 3-wire power cord to 15A.

    REED R1000 Safety Test Lead Set, Double Insulated

    Right angle and straight end flexible leads with shrouded banana plugs.

    REED TP-01 Beaded Thermocouple Wire Probe

    This Type-K beaded thermocouple wire probe is recommended for basic general purpose temperature applications. The TP-01 is color coded according to ANSI thermocouple identification standards.

    REED R2990 Thermocouple Adapter

    This adapter converts any Type-K thermocouple temperature probe with a mini-connector to dual shrouded banana plug inputs.

    REED R9950 Soft Carrying Case

    Accommodates up to 3 medium to large sized instruments and accessories.