We understand the nature of Metrology is specialized, which demands competence that spans thousands of different measurement instrumentation across many different processes and industries. That is why we work closely with you to satisfy your unique requirements. Northwest Metrology offers:

  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.
  • OEM quality calibrations.
  • Walk-in drop off & pick up at our Laboratory in Bakersfield.
  • Consultation with expert Metrologists with over three decades of experience.
  • All calibration levels available: ISO/IEC/ANSI/NCLS with or without data and with or without accreditation. 
  •  Repairs of various instrumentation & equipment.
  • 38’ mobile laboratory with RFI/EMI shielding & rigid environmental controls.
  • Mobile Van for versatile on-site service and accessibility.
  • Mobile pickup and delivery (where available).
  • Dependable turnaround times (expedite service available on request).

Service Area

Located centrally in California's San Joaquin Valley, our on-site service area includes all of California. We also offers service nationally. If services are needed out of state, please contact us for further detail and scheduling. 

To schedule or for inquiries, call us: (661) 863-0158

For calibration quotes, service inquiries, and sales, email: 

Disciplines | Capabilities

Core to our operation, we are continuously researching and developing disciplines and capabilities. Many of our customers need unique solutions and we deliver. Some of our newer calibration capabilities include:

  • Pressure: Deionized water to 10,000 psig/psia
  • Pressure: Nitrogen up to 6,500 psig/psia
  • Pressure: Oil to 35,000 psig/psia
  • Vacuum to 28 inHg
  • Vibration accelerometers

Click a discipline to see instrumentation (including but not limited to):

Angle Gauges Angle Plates ASTM Sieves Bevel Protractors Bore Gages CMM's Cylindrical Plugs Cylindrical Rings Depth Gages Dial Calipers
Dial Indicators Durometer Specimen Durometers End Rods Feeler Gages Film Thickness Gages Gage Blocks Hardness Testers Height Gages Height Masters
Length Masters Micrometer End Standards Micrometers Optical Comparators Optical Flats Optical Parallels Pin Gages Pitch Gages Precision Ball Gauges Precision Levels
Protractors Radius Gages Roughness Specimens Roundness Gages Rulers Sine Bars Sine Plates Squares Super Micrometers Surface Plates
Taper Gages Test Indicators Test Sieves (ASTM) Thickness Gages Thickness Standards Thread Plug Gages Thread Ring Gages Thread Wires V Blocks
AC Dielectric Test Sets Analog Current Meters Analog Multimeters Analog Volt Meters Attenuators Bridges Capacitance Meters Clamp Meters Conductivity Meters Data Loggers
Decade Resistors Digital Current Meters Digital Multimeters Digital Readouts Digital Volt Meters Earth Testers Electronic Load ESD Testers Frequency Counters Function Generators
Gauss Meters Ground Testers High Voltage Probes Hi-Pot Tester Hypot Tester LCR Bridge LCR Meter Meggers Megohmmeter Insulation Testers Multifunction Calibrator
Multifunction Power Meters Network Analyzer Ohm Meters Oscilloscopes Panel Meters pH Meters Phase Angle Meters Position Recorders Power Supplies Power Quality Analyzers
Process Meters Protective Relay Test Systems Resistivity Meter Resistors Shunts Sound Level Meters Static Meters Stroboscopes Tachometers
Blood/Fluid Warmers Centrifuges Defibrillator Analyzers Defibrillators Electrical Safety Analyzers Electrosurgery Analyzers Fetal/Neonatal Simulators Gas Flow Analyzers Incubator Analyzers Infusion Pump Analyzers
Multi-Parameter Simulators NIBP Simulators Pacemaker Analyzers Patient Simulators Phototherapy Radiometer Pulse Oximeters Ultrasound Dopplers Ultrasound Leakage Safety Testers Ultrasound Wattmeters Ventilator Testers
Anemometers Cable Tensiometers Deadweight Testers Differential Pressure Electronic Pipettes Flow Meters (Air) Magnehelic Gages Magnets Manometers Pressure Calibrators
Pressure Chart Recorders Pressure Controllers Pressure Gauges (Hydraulic) Pressure Gauges (Pneumatic) Pressure Test Gauges Pressure Transducers Tong Torque Systems Torque Screwdrivers Torque Watches Torque Wrenches
Vacuum Gauges Vacuum Transducers
Data Loggers Dial Thermometers Digital Thermometers Glass Thermometers Ovens Temperature Calibrators Temperature Chart Recorders Temperature Indicators Temperature Sensors Temperature Transmitter
Thermocouples Thermistors RTDs
Analytical Balances ASTM Class 3-6 Weights Balances Durometer Dynamometers Electronic Balances Force Gauges Industrial Balances Load Cells Mass Cells
NIST Class F Weights Precision Balances Push-Pull Gages Scales Spring Testers Tensiometers

Popular Brands Supported

No matter the manufacturer make or model, we support a wide variety of measurement & test equipment including obsolete equipment that the OEM may not. If you're unsure if we support a specific piece of equipment, give us a call and we will be glad to assist! Some of the most popular brands that we have serviced include (but aren't limited to):

A&D Company Limited, Adam Equipment, Additel, AEMC Instruments, Aeroflex, Agilent, Albercorp, Albion Devices Inc, Alnor, Ametek, AMP, Amprobe, Arizona Instrument, Armstrong, Ashcroft, Atago, AW Sperry, Barton, Bascom-Turner, Baur, Baxter, BC Biomedical, Benstone, Bierer Meters, Bio-Tek, Bird Electronic Corp, BK Precision, Blue-Point, BPC, Broman, Brookfield, Brown & Sharpe, BTMeter, Cen-Tech, Central Tools, Clif Mock Company, COi, Cole Parmer, Comark, Commtest, Contee, Control Company, Controls-Group, Cooper Atkins, Crystal Engineering, CTC, Dakota Ultrasonics, Daniels Manufacturing, DeFelsko, Delta Trak, Dewalt, Dickson, Digi-Sense, Dillon, DNI Nevada Inc., Doble, Drager, Dresser, Druck, Duro United Instrument, Eastern Industries, Elcometer, Ertco, Extech, F.W. Bell, FLIR, Fluke, Fluke Biomedical, Forney, Fowler, FW Bell, GE, GE Druck, General Technologie, Gf Gage, Gilson, Gilson Company, H.H. Sticht Co., Hach, Halstrup-Walcher, Hanna, HB Instrument, Heise, Hewlett-Packard, High Voltage Inc., Hioki, Houghton, Hubbell, IET, IFR, iGaging, James Instrument, Jofra, KD Tools, Keysight, Klein Tools, Knopp, Kobalt, Labconco, Labino, LangTools, Lascar, Latnex, Intercomp, LW Measurements, M.C. Miller, Mahr, Manta Test Systems, McDaniel Controls, Mcmaster-Carr, Megger, Mercury Instrument, Meriam, Mesa Labs, Mettler Toledo, Mid-West Instruments, Milwaukee, Mitutoyo, Morehouse, MSA, NDTSupply, Netech, Noshok, Novotest, Ohaus, Omega, Omicron, Panametrics-NDT, Panasonic, Pipeline Inspection, Power Team, PowerComm Solution, Proceq, Proto, PTC Instruments, PyMaH Corp., Quest Technologies, RayCheck, Raytek, RB Annis Company, Reed Instruments, Rice Lake, Road Runner, Salisbury, Scherr Tumico, Senscore, Sensor Link, Seraphin, Shimpo, SHSIWI, Snap-On, Soehnle, Southwire, Spectra Cine, Spectroline, Spectronics, Sperry, SPI, Sportline, SPX Power Team, Stanley, Starrett, STB, Sturtevant Richmont, Taiwan, Tech Cal, TechCal, Tegam, Testex, Thermo-Hygro, TIF, Tinker & Rasor, Topcon, Traceable, Troemner, UEI Test Instruments, United Instruments, Vaisala, Vanguard Instruments, Vishay Precision, VWR, Welch Allyn, Wika, Xentaur, Zoll... and more!