• REED RTEMP-KIT Temperature Combination Kit


    This temperature kit includes a Multimeter, Infrared Thermometer, Voltage Detector, Beaded Temperature Wire Probe and Hard Carrying Case. The Carrying Case features a customized foam insert built specifically to protect and store the included instruments.

    This REED RTEMP-KIT Temperature Combination Kit Includes

    REED R5008 Compact Digital Multimeter with Temperature

    Compact autoranging digital multimeter with 11 functions.

    REED R2300 Infrared Thermometer

    Fast responding entry-level infrared thermometer with min/max temperature readings and adjustable high/low temperature alarms.

    REED R5110 Non-Contact Voltage Detector with Flashlight

    AC Voltage Dectector with built-in flashlight and pocket clip.

    REED R2990 Thermocouple Adapter

    This adapter converts any Type-K thermocouple temperature probe with a mini-connector to dual shrouded banana plug inputs.

    REED TP-01 Beaded Thermocouple Wire Probe

    This Type-K beaded thermocouple wire probe is recommended for basic general purpose temperature applications. The TP-01 is color coded according to ANSI thermocouple identification standards.

    REED R1000 Safety Test Lead Set, Double Insulated

    Right angle and straight end flexible leads with shrouded banana plugs.

    REED R8888 Deluxe Hard Carrying Case

    Professional grade, injection molded hard plastic case with customizable foam inserts.