REED R8080-KIT2 Data Logging Sound Meter with Tripod Kit


The R8080-KIT2 comes equipped with the required tools for long-term sound level monitoring in the field. This kit includes a Data Logging Sound Level Meter (R8080) and Tripod (R1500).

This REED R8080-KIT2 Data Logging Sound Meter with Tripod Kit Includes

REED R8080 Sound Level Meter/Data Logger

Quick responding triple range sound level meter with large backlit display, analog bargraph and built-in memory to data log up to 64,000 points.

REED R1500 Tripod

Expandable up to 56" and features an add-on adapter capable of mounting instruments without a tripod mount. The R1500 is a convenient accessory for any data logging instrument setup for long-term continuous monitoring.

Ideal Applications for the REED R8080

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Industrial Machinery/Equipment
  • Construction Sites
  • Ensuring Safe Working Conditions
  • Public Venues / Concerts
  • Code Enforcement
  • Traffic
  • Appliance Noise Testing
  • Long-term Measurement
  • Recording of Acoustic Levels for Environmental Impact Studies