REED R5099-KIT Electrical Test Kit


This electrical test kit includes the tools to troubleshoot common electrical problems. The R5099-KIT Electrical Test Kit includes a Compact Multimeter (R5099), AC Voltage Detector (R5100), Receptacle Tester (R5210) and Carrying Case (C-820) to keep your instruments protected and organized.

This REED R5099-KIT Electrical Test Kit Includes

REED R5099 Compact Multimeter with NCV

Autoranging digital multimeter with built-in non-contact voltage (NCV) detector and 4,000 count backlight LCD display.

REED R5100 Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector with Flashlight

Durable double molded plastic housing.

REED R5210 Receptacle Tester with GFCI

Check the status of and troubleshoot 3-wire circuits and GFCI receptacles.

REED R9940 Hard Shell Carrying Case, Medium

This hard shell carrying case protects items and is suitable for small to medium sized instruments.

Ideal Applications for the REED R5099-KIT

  • Testing batteries
  • Testing household wiring
  • Testing electric motors
  • Testing power supplies