iGAGING Absolute Origin 2-3" Snap Lever Action SpeedMic


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iGaging 2-3" Digital Quick Micrometer Absolute Origin SpeedMic Snap Lever Action Gage

iGaging Absolute Origin SpeedMic uses the absolute encoding technology in which the sensor memorizes and traces an absolute origin zero position.

Quickly measure with super high precision

Lever activated - Fully Opens and Closes In Less Than One Second!
linear moving sensor provides accurate and reliable measurements
IP65 coolant proof
Measuring Range-2-3"/50-75mm
Carbide tipped spindle
Resolution: 0.00005"/0.001mm
Accuracy: �0.00015"/0.003mm
Fixed Thimble.
SPC/USB data output.
Ball Attachment Included.
Case included

iGaging part number: 35-070-075