• GW Instek Special Applications Accessories


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    OscilloscopesDS2-16LA16-Channel Logic Analyzer, Includes 16-channel Logic analyzer card(GLA-16) and 16 channel Logic analyser probe(GTL-16LA)GDS-2000A Series
    OscilloscopesDS2-8LA8-Channel Logic Analyzer, Includes 8-channel Logic analyzer card(GLA-08) and 8 channel Logic analyser probe(GTL-08LA)GDS-2000A Series
    OscilloscopesDS2-FGNDDS Function Generator, 3MHz, sine/square/triangle/pulse functionGDS-2000A Series
    OscilloscopesDS2-GPIBGPIB Interface, GDS-2000A Series
    OscilloscopesDS2-LANEthernet & SVGA Output, GDS-2000A Series
    OscilloscopesGLA-08Logic Analyzer Card, 8-Channel Logic Analyzer Card for DS2-8LAGDS-2000A Series
    OscilloscopesGLA-16Logic Analyzer Card, 16-Channel Logic Analyzer Card for DS2-16LAGDS-2000A Series
    OscilloscopesGTL-08LALogic Analyzer Probe, 8-Channel Logic Analyzer Probe for DS2-8LAGDS-2000A Series
    OscilloscopesGTL-16LALogic Analyzer Probe, 16-Channel Logic Analyzer Probe for DS2-16LAGDS-2000A Series
    OscilloscopesGCP-201Testing Gripper, 20pcs, Signal GippersGLA-Series
    OscilloscopesGTL-161Testing Probes, 16 Channel Testing Probes, 25cmGLA-Series
    OscilloscopesGTC-001Instrument Cart, 120V Input Socket, Self Loading 30kgGDS/GOS/GRS-Series
    OscilloscopesGTC-002Instrument Cart, 120V Input Socket, Self Loading 30kgGDS/GOS/GRS-Series
    OscilloscopesGKT-100Deskew fixture, GDS-3000 Series

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    Electronic LoadPEL-001GPIB Card, PEL-2000
    Electronic LoadPEL-002Rack Mount Kit, PEL-2000 Series Rack Mount KitPEL-2000
    Electronic LoadPEL-003Panel Cover, PEL-2000
    Electronic LoadGTL-249Frame Link Cable, Frame Link Cable, 300mmPEL-2000/3000
    Electronic LoadGTL-252Frame Link Cable, Frame Link Cable, 550mmPEL-2000/3000

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    DC Power SupplyGPS-001Knob, Voltage/Current Protection KnobGPS-x303 Series, SPD-3606
    DC Power SupplyGET-001Extended Terminal, Max. 40APSW
    DC Power SupplyPSW-001Accessory Kit, PSW
    DC Power SupplyPSW-002Simple IDC Tool, PSW
    DC Power SupplyPSW-003Contact Removal Tool, PSW
    DC Power SupplyPSW-004Accessory Kit, Basic Accessory KitPSW
    DC Power SupplyPSW-005Connection Cable, Cable 2 Units in Series Mode ConnectionPSW
    DC Power SupplyPSW-006Connection Cable, Cable 2 Units in Parallel Mode ConnectionPSW
    DC Power SupplyPSW-007Connection Cable, Cable 3 Units in Parallel Mode ConnectionPSW

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    DMMsGDM-01Calibration Key, GDM-8261A/8255A/8251A
    DMMsGDM-SC1Scanner Card, 16+2 Channel TestingGDM-8261A/8255A
    DMMsGTL-128JExtension cable, with J-type connector, Approx. 600mmGDM-SC1
    DMMsGTL-128KExtension cable, with K-type connector, Approx. 600mmGDM-SC1
    DMMsGTL-128TExtension cable, with T-type connector, Approx. 600mmGDM-SC1

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    Safety TesterGHT-117High Voltage Adapter BoxGPT-9900 Series, GPT-9800 Series, GPT-9600 Series
    Safety TesterGHT-118High Voltage / Ground Bond Adapter BoxGPT-9900 Series, GPT-9800 Series
    Safety TesterGHT-113High Voltage Test Pistol, Approx. 1000mmGPT-9900 Series, GPT-9800 Series, GPT-9600 Series
    Safety TesterGHT-114HV Test Lead, Clip High Voltage Probe, Approx. 1000mmGPT-9900 Series, GPT-9800 Series, GPT-9600 Series
    Safety TesterGHT-205HV Test Lead, High Voltage Test ProbeGPT-9900 Series, GPT-9800 Series, GPT-9600 Series
    Safety TesterGLC-01Alligator Clips, GLC-9000
    Safety TesterGLC-02Foil Probe, GLC-9000

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    Other MeterGTL-308Test Lead, Approx. 1500mmGOM-804/805
    Other MeterGTL-309Test Lead, Approx. 3000mmGOM-804/805
    Other MeterPT-100Temperature Probe, Temperature Sensor, Approx. 1500mmGOM-804/805/802