GW Instek RF Accessories


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RF AccessoryGAP-802Preamplifier, 20dB Preamplifer, 9kHz ~ 3GHz, N(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryRLB-001Return Loss Bride, 10MHz - 1GHz, Source/Load: N(J/F), Coupling: N(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGKT-001General Kit Set, Including ADP-002, ATN-100, GTL-303, GSC-002GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGKT-002CATV Kit Set, Including ADP-001, ADP-101, GTL-304, GSC-003GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGKT-003RLB Kit Set, Including GAK-001, GAK-002, GTL-302, GSC-004GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGKT-008EMI Probe Kit Set, Including ADP-002, GTL-303, PR-01, PR-02, ANT-04, ANT-05
For: GSP-Series
RF AccessoryADP-001Adaptor, 50Ω, BNC(J/F) - N(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryADP-002Adaptor, 50Ω, SMA(J/F) - N(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGAK-001Adaptor, 50Ω Termination, N(P/M) GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGAK-002Adaptor, Cap with Chain, N(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGAK-003Adaptor, 50Ω Impedance Adaptor, BNC(P/M)-BNC(J/K)GDS-Series, GSP-Series
RF AccessoryADB-002Adapter, DC Block, BNC(P/M)-BNC(J/K), 50W, 10MHz~2.2GHzGSP-9300
RF AccessoryADB-006Adapter, DC Block, N(P/M)-N(J/K), 50W, 10MHz~6GHzGSP-9300
RF AccessoryADB-008Adapter, DC Block SMA(P/M)-SMA(J/K), 50W, 0.1MHz~8GHzGSP-9300
RF AccessoryADP-101Adaptor, 75Ω BNC(J/F) - 50Ω BNC(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryATN-100Adaptor, 10dB Attenuator, 50Ω, N(J/F)-N(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGTL-401DC Power Cord with DC Jack and Lighter Plug, Current 5AGSP-830
RF AccessoryATA-001Antenna, General FM Antenna, BNC(M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGTL-301RF Cable, RG223 Assembly, 1000mm, N(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGTL-302RF Cable, RG223 Assembly, 300mm, N(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGTL-303RF Cable, RG316 Assembly, 600mm, SMA(P/M)GSP-Series
RF AccessoryGTL-304RF Cable, RG223 Assembly, 280mm, N(P/M) - N(J/F)GSP-Series