GW Instek GSP-830 Spectrum Analyzer


Frequency Range9kHz ~ 3GHz
Aging Rate± 10ppm, 0~50°C, 5ppm/yr
Span Range2kHz ~ 3GHz in 1-2-5 sequence, full span, zero span
Phase Noise-80dBc/Hz @1GHz 20kHz offset typical
Sweep Time Range50ms ~ 25.6s
RBW Range3kHz, 30kHz, 300kHz, 4MHz
RBW Accuracy15%
Video Bandwidth Range10Hz ~ 1MHz in 1-3 steps
Measurement Range-103dBm ~ +20dBm: 1MHz ~ 15MHz, Ref.Level @ -30dBm 
-117dBm ~ +20dBm: 15MHz ~ 1GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
-114dBm ~ +20dBm: 1GHz ~ 3GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
(Span = 50kHz, RBW = 3kHz)
Overload ProtectionMax. +30dBm, ±25VDC
Reference Level Range-110dBm ~ +20dBm
Accuracy±1dB @100MHz
Frequency Flatness±1dB
Display Range Linearity±1dB over 70dB
Average Noise Floor<-135±1dBm/Hz: 1MHz ~ 15MHz, Ref.Level @ -30dBm 
<-149dBm/Hz, typical -152dBm/Hz: 15MHz ~ 1GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
<-146dBm/Hz, typical -149dBm/Hz: 1GHz ~ 3GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm
Third Inter-Modulation<-70dBc RF Input @-40dBm, Ref.Level @-30dBm
Harmonic Distortion<-60dBc RF Input <-40dBm Typical, Ref.Level @-30dBm
Non-Harmonic Spurious<-93dBm, 1MHz ~ 15MHz, Ref.Level @-30dBm
<-107dBm ~ +20dBm: 15MHz ~ 1GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
<-104dBm ~ +20dBm: 1GHz ~ 3GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
(Span = 50kHz, RBW = 3kHz)
Display640 x 480 high resolution TFT color LCD
Split WindowsActive Window: Upper, Lower or Alternate (two simultaneously sweeping windows)
Markers10 Markers for peaks: 5 normal-delta marker pairs
Functions: Delta, To Peak, To Minimum, Peak Track, Peak Table, Peak Sort
Trace Detection3 traces with Peak, Maximum hold, Freeze, Average, Trace math
Power MeasurementACPR, OCBW, Channel Power, N dB and Phase Jitter
Autoset FunctionAuto tuning the measurement result for observation
TriggerConditions: Video, External (Positive-going, +5V TTL external signal) 
Mode: Normal, Single, Continuous
SequenceAutomated test by user-defined macros without any remote controller, 10 Sequential macro set and 10 macros per each set, Variable delays and wait-to-go facilitate automated measurement, Do-sequence links and nests different sequence sets.
RF Input
N female, 50Ω nominal
RF input VSWR: <2:1, @0dBm Reference Level
External ReferenceType: BNC female
Clock Input1M, 1.544M, 2.048M, 5M, 10M, 10.24M, 13M, 15.36M, 15.4M, 19.2MHz
Reference Clock OutputType: BNC female, 10MHz
DC Input (DC Power Operation)Jack : 5.5mm, 12V
DC Output (for GAP-801)Type: SMB Male, outputs +9V/100mA Max.
RS-232CSub-D 9 pins female
USB ConnectorUSB Host/Device full speed supported
VGA OutputFront panel: Type A receptacle for USB flash devices
Option: GPIB InterfaceFully programmable with IEEE 488.2 compliance
 AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
 User Manual x 1
Power Cord x 1
USB Cable (Type A plug to Type mini-B plug) x1
 330(W) x 170(H) x 340(D) mm
Approx. 6kg