• GW Instek APS-1102A AC/DC Power Supply


    MODELAPS-1102A(AC + DC)
    Maximum Output Capacity
    AC  (Input)750VA  (100 ~ 180V) 
    1000VA  (180 ~ 250V) 
    DC  (Input) 750W  (100 ~ 180V) 
    1000W (180 ~ 250V)  
    Output Voltage
    AC0.0V ~ 155.0Vrms (100V)
    0.0V ~ 310.0Vrms (200V)
    DC"-220.0V ~ +220.0V (100V)
    "-440.0V ~ +440.0V (200V)
    Output Max. Current
    AC10A (100V)
    5A (200V)
    DC10A (100V)
    5A (200V)
    Output Maximum Peak Current
    Output Maximum Peak Current40Apk  (100V)
    20Apk (200V)
    Setting Range1.0Hz ~ 550.0Hz
    Setting Accuracy±100ppm(23±5℃)
    Output Voltage Distortion0.5% MAX(50Hz / 60Hz)
    Line Voltage Regulation
     0.2% Maximum,Power input voltage  100V /120V/230V , no load, rated output
    Load Voltage Regulation
     0.5% Maximum,At output terminal under no load and rated resistance load
     Range(AC+DC)ResolutionAccuracy(AC+DC), At DC 40~550Hz
    Frequency Counter1.0Hz ~ 550.0Hz0.1 Hz±100ppm(1Hz ~ 500Hz, 23±5°C)
    RMS Voltage-MeterFull Scale 100V : 250.0Vrms0.1Vrms±0.7% of rdg+0.9Vrms (at  23±5°C)
    Full Scale 200V : 500.0Vrms0.1Vrms±0.7% of rdg+1.8Vrms (at  23±5°C)
    RMS Amp-MeterFull Scale 15.00Arms0.01Arms±0.7% of rdg+0.08Arms (at  23±5°C)
    Wattage Meter   Full Scale 1200W1W±3% of rdg+12W (at  23±5°C)
    Load Power Factor0.00 ~ 1.00.01N/A
    Load Crest Factor0.00 ~ 50.000.01N/A
    Frequency Measurement38.0 ~ 525.0Hz0.1Hz±0.2Hz(at  23±5°C)
    phase When Output Is On0.0 ~ 359.90.1N/A
    External Signal Input   
    Gain Setting Range100V range 0 ~ 220 times0.1±5%(DC or 45Hz to 65Hz)
    200V range 0 ~ 440 times0.1±5%(DC or 45Hz to 65Hz)
    Output ModeACINT Mode  :   AC+DC-INT Mode   AC - ADD Mode     AC+DC - ADD Mode  AC-EXT Mode  : AC+DC-EXT Mode  AC - SYNC Mode   AC+DC - SYNC Mode    
    General Specification
    MemorySave / Recall 30 sets
    Power SourceAC100V ~ 230V ± 10% ; 50Hz / 60Hz±2Hz
    Power Consumption / Factor1.4kVA max / 0.95min (AC100V) ; 0.9min(AC200V)
    InterfaceUSB & RS232 Standard
    Dimension(WxHxD) & weight258 x 176 x 440; Approx. 9.7kg